Everyone wants to be in charge.

Everyone wants the pay raise.

Everyone wants the fancy title with more important responsibilities and people reporting to them…

Until stuff gets real. A stern conversation must be had, a possible termination is in order, an incident occurs.  Or you receive a friendly letter from the Department of Labor.

Then suddenly the back peddling starts and the “How do we handle this?” conversations begin.

And that’s where I come in. 

In my former roles, I’ve always had people approach me with this line, “So I hear you’re the Get it Done girl around here?”

I’m Celine, the Founder of My HR Firm. We are a proud member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and have been certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Women Owned Small Business. (WOSB)

I lead a team of HR experts that can help you grow and develop your team, help you perfect your systems to protect your organization so that you can sleep at night.

Why am I for you?

  • You’re a successful business owner that is an expert in your field, but you don’t feel confident in your current HR strategy. You may realize that like many business owners, you don’t have one.  
  • High turnover, low employee productivity, or low morale may be signs that you need one. 
  • You know this workforce market is unlike any other and you want to look for creative ways to keep your team happy and engaged.
  • You’ve been meaning to make some updates to a few policies but no one on your team has enough time and expertise to dedicate to it.
  • Although your organization is running pretty well, you know there are a few areas you need help tweaking.  Cutting costs, making sense of your compensation structure. Training your team on how to hire and what metrics you and your executive team must always keep top of mind. 

And me? That’s exactly what I do. 

  • I’m SPHR and SHRM-SCP certified Human Resources professional.
  • I’ve been an HR Director for a fast-growing company which meant creating policies, procedures and doubling the team in size in only 4 years.
  • I know what it‘s like.  I’ve been in the trenches with a fabulous team that was met with road blocks and pitfalls, But together, we navigated them beautifully.  The result? A more unified management team, more refined process and an engaged workforce that raved about working for the company. I have a network of amazing HR experts throughout Texas with experience in many industries. 

Want to know more about me?

  • My favorite part of HR is having the tough conversations that promote the kind of change that transforms people and organizations. It’s not exactly fun, but if done correctly it can be just the kind of impact and inspiration that your team needs. 
  • For an HR person, I’m quite the risk taker.  I try new things constantly to perfect processes and results.  I’m not a big fan of complaining as I see it as a waste of my energy.  I love to problem solve and I’m not exactly an out of the box thinker as I don’t ever see that I’m boxed in anywhere. Frankly, that idea of being stuck in a box terrifies me.  
  • While a student at Texas A&M, College Station, I got a part time job as a Bus Driver. Truth be told, I wasn’t that great.  I took many many curbs and cones but never any people, skaters, or bikers.  So maybe I wasn’t all that bad? CDL and all, this 5’1 gal had a blast on most days. Except for when my bus died at that stop sign….I can remember dispatch coming through ”I copy that Unit 54, what’s your 20?” “I‘m at the stop sign in front of Francis hall with a bus full of passengers“  No better way to prepare me for the “Oh Shit” moments in life.  Makes me smile now as I think how foolish I was….lol.  But guess what? I figured it out.  I somehow brought the bus back to life.  Even today, the smell of diesel and the sound of airbrakes take me back to my Aggieland 6am route days. Whoop!
  • Nick and I just recently got on to the “Yellowstone” bus a bit late.  Now,  we love to hate on it.  Beth is a bully, Jamie needs to speak up for himself, and Kayce is his own worst enemy.  Pretty much sums up the show until now.  (On Season 1 – Episode 5) You better believe I’m hooked. ????

Don’t agree? Let’s schedule a Virtual Coffee chat, why don’t we?

Trust me. I get it.  HR can be so confusing and a bit overwhelming.  The HR alphabet  soup can be downright scary with FMLA, ADA, FCRA, FLSA, GINA, USERRA.  There are so many laws to adhere to, and the larger the company, the more laws apply.  Believe it or not, a sound HR strategy can make the most significant difference in how you manage your team and how you run your company so that you make the most profit.   Give me a call to see how I can help you feel more confident about the growth and future of your company.